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Welcome To Wachter Wellness Co.

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The Wachter Wellness Co. Story

Welcome to Wachter Wellness Company, a unique haven for those seeking a holistic approach to health and well-being. Rooted in our passion for healthy living and sustainable practices, we are an agricultural residential farm that embraces a plant-based lifestyle. Our commitment extends beyond physical health to include herbal healing, energy healing, and spiritual well-being.

Wellness is a commitment, a willingness to reach a certain level of acceptance, along with an openness to change. Acceptance grooms accountability of oneself, and change is inevitable, so you may as well embrace it. 

Our wellness knowledge is derived from a cultivation of lived experiences, faith, and educational studies. To be well, one must work with their physical, emotional, and spiritual self. 

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Wachter Wellness Co. Offerings

Shop CBD and Hemp Supplements

We are experts in Cannabinoid education. We are here to listen to your needs, and in turn, recommend products that may alleviate your ailments. 

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Bailey's Pet CBD

50% off

Treat your furry friend to some CBD treats or tinctures! We also have CBD pet shampoo! Great for treating cats and dogs for anxiety, joint issues, allergies, and more! 

Everything is 50% off while supplies last. 

We can help you with healing

We guide you to take governance over your being and to welcome healing in a new and simplified way. 

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Personalized Attention

Impactful Sessions

At Wachter Wellness Company, we dedicate ourselves to cultivating harmony and happiness in your journey to holistic well-being. Explore our diverse array of products and offerings, where there is something for everyone, and embark on a transformative experience to empowerment to heal. 

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