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Aurelia Alchemista

Spirit Medium |Kundalini and Chakra Queen | Writual Writer | Holistic Practitioner | Reiki | Shamanic Healer | Ayurvedist

Readings, Rituals, & More

Gracious and Glorious Blessings! 

A Pure Purpose

Divine Direction | Anointing and Protection

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Becoming Aurelia Alchemista

Christ is the foundation of my gift. It is with His love and guidance, I am able to do all of this, everything I do to be of service in this life. He purified me, so that I may heal you. 

Do you want to be made well?  

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Featured Readings


Life Transition

New Love, New Career, New Mindset. Whatever the transition that life throws at you, we can help you navigate through! 


Reiki Readings

Find out where your energy is blocked or out of align, and let's work together to correct it over time! 


Life Purpose

Discover the purpose of your existence. Tap into your akashic records and past lives. 


Ann R. 

"I believe in you so much and your gift is real"

Gwen A. 

"I feel that Gabrielle is very knowledgeable and accurate with her gifts.”

Ms. C

“I woke up this morning much lighter and no aches. Thank you so much for yesterday. ”

Ashley E. 

“Wow! I really don’t have enough words to be able to express how incredible my experience was! I received an Oracle reading that was absolutely spot on. I received the words I have been looking for as I move into yet another life-changing transition. This was perfect and exactly what I needed to round out my year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!. ”



For general readings and other education, please go to my YouTube Channel:

Phone: 301-660-5588 (Call and Text)

Please contact me for all appointments. I accept Credit Cards, and 3rd Party apps for payment. Most services have the option for online or in-person. 

Cancellations 24-hrs or less before appointment time will be charged full price. 

Oracle Readings

Various types of intuitive readings with the cards. Life transition, life purpose, and other general but always positive for your highest good readings. 

Chakra Sessions

Reiki, Kundalini, and any other energy related chakra work in between. Energy Reading: scanning you as a person according to your energetic output. 

New & Full Moon Rituals

Utilize the power of the full moon to release and the power of the new moon to initiate intentions. 

Cord Cutting Ceremonies

Candle ceremony and concentrated reiki to release both energies. 

Healing Ceremonies: Anoint & Protect

Energy clearing, prayer purification, ritual products

All Services

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